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The section contains the books that the company uses as references and for research into various aspects of military, social, political, and material culture. Members are not required to read everything, but should be sure to at least read from the following selected works, especially for portrayals. This section is a work in progress.

Some of these books are available in our primary bookstore or by hovering over certain book titles. We also have selected material in our International stores: France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Selected Reading

Charles the Bold Armies of Medieval Burgundy History of Charles the Bold


Arms & Armour

Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight
Paddock and Edge

The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry
by Ewart Oakeshott (Illustrator), 1999


John the Fearless by Richard Vaughan, 1978

Philip the Good: The Apogee of Burgundy, by Richard Vaughan, 1978, 2004 Reprint

History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy by John Foster Kirk, 1864

Charles the Bold by Ruth Putnam, 1978

The Golden Age of Burgundy: The Magnificent Dukes and Their Courts
by Joseph Calmette (Translated from the French by Doreen Weightman) : New York: W. W. Norton, 1963. 1st US edition

The Promised Lands : The Low Countries Under Burgundian Rule, 1369-1530 by Wim Blockmans,1999

Charles the Bold in Italy 1467-1477: Politics and Personnel by Richard Walsh, Liverpool University Press, 2005

Dijon and the Valois Dukes, Oklahoma University Press 1971

In the Shadow of Burgundy: The Court of Guelders in the Late Middle Ages by Gerard Nijsten (Author), Tanis Guest (Translator), 2004

Die Burgunderbuete Florens Deuchler, Verlag Stämpfli & Cie., Bern. 1963 (German not translated)

Berne Museum Burgundian Artifact Exhibition catalog 1969, (German not translated)

The Memoirs of Philip De Commynes, University of South Carolina (2 Volume Set)

Memoires of Jehan de Haynin

George Chastelan and the Shaping of Valois Burgundy by Graeme Small

England, France, and Burgundy in the 15th Century by C. A. J. Armstrong

Chivalry and War

War and Chivalry by Malcolm Vale

War in the Middle Ages by Philippe Contamine

Historical Western Martial Arts

Fiore di Liberi Primary Source: Getty Manuscript, Novati Manuscript

Jeu de la Hache (play of the axe) 15th c Burgundian Manuscript

Talhoffers (German not translated) Primary Source 1467

The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe Anglo, Sydney, Yale University Press, London. 2000.
ISBN 0-300-08352-1

Wars of the Roses

Warwick the Kingmaker by Paul Murray Kendall

Richard III by Paul Murray Kendall

Wars of the Roses: 145 (Osprey Men-at-Arms Series)



Bem Cavalgar BNF manuscript fol 99, 102 (primary)

Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sela El-Rey Dom Eduarte
by Joseph M. Piel, (1944, 1986) (transciption)

Étude d’un traité d’équitation portugais du XVème siècle:Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sela du roi Dom Duarte by Periera, Carlos-Henriques, (2001)

Veterinary, Husbandry, Training

Libro Della Mascalcia by Jordanus Rufus di Calabria ((Giordano Ruffo; Giovanni Ruffo) primary/transcription/translation)

A rare copy of a veterinary treatise by Giordano Ruffo, stable master at the court of Frederick II, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. First written in 1250, it is considered the starting point for the regeneration of western veterinary practice.

Propertees of Medicyn for hors printed by Wynken de Worde, 1496 (British Library) Primary

Ordini di cavalcare Federico Grisone, 1555 Italian (primary)

— Ordini di cavalcare Federico Grisone, 1592 German (primary, facsimilie)

— Ordini di cavalcare Federico Grisone, 1610 translation French (facsimilie)

Horse Breeding in the Medieval World by Charles Gladitz, 1997

Saddles and Saddlers: sella, selle, sela, cela, sättel

Limoge Saddlers Guild Documents, 1403 (primary)

Amiens Saddlers Guild Documents, 1396 (transcription)

London & Paris Saddlers Guild Documents, 1396 and 1462 (translation)

Medieval Finds from Excavations in London no. 5. The Medieval Horse and its Equipment. HMSO Publication Center, London, 1995; ISBN 0-11-290485-8

Equus Bellator (War Horse)

The Medieval Warhorse: From Byzantium to the Crusades by Ann Hyland,1997 (too early)

The Warhorse 1250-1600 by Ann Hyland,1998

The Medieval Warhorse by R.H.C. Davis, 1989

The Horse in War

Knights and Warhorses by Andrew Ayton

Flemish Masters and other Illuminating Works

Early Flemish Painters

Rogier van der Weyden

Chronicles of Hainault

Hunting and Sport

Hunting Book of Gaston Pheobus

The Hound and the Hawk, the Art of Medieval Hunting. Cummins, John, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London. 1988. ISBN 0-297-79459-0

Tournaments. by Barber, Richard. Barker, Juliet, Boydell Press, Woodbridge. 1989.
ISBN 0-85115-781-5

Medieval Soldier

The Medieval Soldier in the Wars of the Roses by Andrew W. Boardman, 1998

The Medieval Soldier's World; 15th Century Campaign Life Recreated in Color Photographs by
Gerry Embleton, et al…

Henry V and the Conquest of France (Campaign Series)

The Swiss 1300-1500: 94 (Osprey Men-at-Arms Series)

German Armies 1300-1500: 166 (Osprey Men-at-Arms Series)

The English Long Bowman (Warrior Series No. 11)

The Medieval Longbowman

Women, Family, and Household

Margaret of York Duchess of Burgundy 1446-1503 by Weightman, Christine, St Martins Press, New York. 1989. ISBN 0-7509-0378-3

Legend of Good Women

Medieval Prostitution by Jacques Rossiaud, Lydia G. Cochrane (Translator), 1995

Growing Up in Medieval London

Uppity Woman of the Middle Ages by Vicki Leon, 1997 (for amusement)

Young Adult:

Castle (Eyewitness Books) by Christopher Gravett, Geoff Dann (Photographer), 1994

Knight (Eyewitness Books) by Geoff Dann (Photographer), Dann Geoff (Photographer), 1993

Medieval Life (Eyewitness Books) by Andrew Langley, Geoff Brightling (Photographer), Geoff
Dann (Photographer), 1996

The World of the Medieval Knight, by Christopher Gravett, Brett Breckon (Illustrator),1996


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